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    DiscoverOur Story

    Get your taste buds ready to be swept away by a unique culinary experience at the restaurant Ståderer, located right at the heart of Eichstätt. “Ståderer” is a Bavarian word meaning “man of the city,” which perfectly encapsulates our culinary concept of fusing Bavarian tradition with modern urban lifestyle.

    In reflection of this unique culinary approach, our chef Andreas Hofrichter and his team prepare exquisite dishes by combining traditional handcraft with innovative preparation methods. They only use the best products from the region and the world, making sure that not only quality but that the Bavarian roots of every dish are conserved right to the end. Indulge yourself in a heavenly gastronomic experience second to none.


    MeetOur Chef

    Having learned his trade in a prestigious hotel before making a name for himself within the Altmühltal region and beyond, our chef Andreas Hofrichter is not only gifted in the art of culinary craft but takes an open-minded approach when reinventing traditional Bavarian and German recipes. He is a master of the gastronomic “Slow Food” concept and he takes inspiration directly from local products and above all, from the exceptional food suppliers and product sources available in the region.


    When homeland love and traditionally learned craft meet innovation and cosmopolitanism, a new culinary symbiosis that simultaneously surprises and awakens nostalgic feelings of home and familiarity is created. These are the founding blocks of our philosophy which roots itself in the reinvention of traditional Bavarian and German recipes by giving them a modern twist.